overly PC kills another person’s reputation

i’m all for spreading education and awareness on offensive terms.

and while i’m not a fan of paul deen – nor ever against her, just that she’s never done anything for me – i feel sorry for what has been happening to her lately.

i think anne rice hit it on the nail when she used the term, lynch mob, to describe this all to quick to form mob mentality we now see – something that’s driven even more so with social media and the internet. hell, i’ve seen this happen to myself on forums. ask a question and assumptions that are totally off base comes crashing down on the original poster… at the end of a thread before the moderator shuts it down to put it out of its misery, you get everyone coming out on their high horse explaining how you are just so very wrong and not a good person. meanwhile, you have to wonder… how the 17th person thinks they are actually better when all they are doing is jumping on the bandwagon and have clearly not even read all the details of the post.

i seriously doubt most of us, especially those from an earlier generation where education and awareness was quite lacking AND the fact that this n-word was used during that period, have not made some faux-pas in our lifetime. whether it was a giggle or a freudian slip of something to be considered on the non-politically correct side.

please – even in the very PC corporate world, a person will get a talking to, possibly be sent for sensitivity training, before they get kicked out to the curb.

i don’t know what type of apology paul deen has made – i have heard conflicting information. one that she hasn’t actually said the words ‘i’m sorry’ but other articles have mentioned her apology. and yes, i do think she should apologize. perhaps she did but waited too long. regardless, i’m actually more sickened by this lynch mob at this point.

when will society learn? it’s like a new form of a witch hunt.

if we want to erase this type of insensitive behaviour and use of offensive language, i think educating and spreading awareness will be the more successful approach.


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