doug’s birthday and father’s day weekend

to start, this year’s father’s day fell on a weekend where doug did not have to work. yeay!

a quick recap of the weekend:

  • saturday morning brunch of thick french toast, bacon and fresh berries.
  • gave doug his presents: long sleeve german tee from black helmet firefighters apparel; cool flask also from black helmet; distressed batman tee from silver snails.
  • hiked from a different trail end in rouge park. beautiful!
  • star trek into darkness (great but not as good as first; lacked a bit in the character development and storyline – and watching it in 3D was such a waste!)
  • dinner at wild wings with pints of beer on tap.
  • sunday morning wake-up call from chaeli.
  • made egg-n-hole for everyone.
  • went to parents’ place for afternoon swim, followed by father’s day dinner (plus birthday cake to celebrate doug’s birthday).

i think doug’s favourite part of the weekend was sunday morning, after chaeli jumped in our bed with what she made doug for father’s day. i heard him sigh and said, “this is cool – everyone’s here. what a great way to start the day!”


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