a wedding at wychwood barns

wychwood barns

great place for urban weddings

last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending our family doctor’s (and long time family friend’s) daughter’s wedding.

both the ceremony and reception were held at wychwood barns – which basically introduced me to a whole new community within or city. i’ve now discovered their weekly farmer’s market and cafe. we’ll be sure to return by transit on a saturday to spoil ourselves with fresh produce from the local farmers surrounding the GTA.

the wedding itself was amazing. the bride did mostly all the planning and organizing, which was impressive, since she’s also midway through her 5 year residency in her medical career (she is going to be a specialist and surgeon in her field).

this was a special wedding for me because i remember ‘babysitting’ her when she was younger than chaeli. when my family went  over to their house for dinner, i would entertain her, not unlike how chaeli now ‘babysits’ the younger ones when we get together with our group of friends.

the bride has now grown up to be an amazingly mature and responsible woman. i am so proud of her! everything she sets her heart on, she achieves. and in the most ethical and moral way.

the groom matches the bride – they are perfect for one another. and i’m so happy she found some one so supportive and good-natured. there’s been a few times in my life when i meet a SO of a friend/relative where i get this strong, gutt-instinct that this is ‘the one’. i have not been wrong yet – and i definitely had this feeling when i first met her then boyfriend/now husband.

the food was fantastic. i checked out the caterer they used. they are involved with the community’s farmer’s market – the whole thing is under the stop’s community food centre

the program does so much more, though, than just catering and running the food market and cafe. there are after-school programs, summer camp, classes and a food bank. but overall, they take action in poverty awareness (the cause), educating families about nutritious eating, awareness of self-sustainable food systems and basically, a program which concentrates on getting sustainable, nutritious foods to those experiencing poverty.

their mission statement says it all:

The Stop strives to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community and challenges inequality.

anyway, it was a caterer chosen specifically by the bride which does not surprise me. she’s always done her part to be responsible for the environment with a strong awareness about global poverty.

the rest of the wedding night was superb. chaeli was a huge hit on the dance floor as she strutted her stuff and showed her dance moves to popular tunes. i, myself, have not remember having so much fun dancing in a very long time. as a family, we definitely did our part partying it up!


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