random rants about random stupid people

these rants are somewhat random, but somewhat not. i mean, after reading them, don’t you want to just say to me that this was the universe’s way to tell me to stay home?

  • been a lazy mom these past few weeks. rushed mornings where doug is working has resulted in picking up 2 hash browns for chaeli to eat on the way to school. some mornings, i’ve been charged $1.77, others, i’ve been charged $2.50. at first i thought maybe i had first ordered during some special. until one week ago, i was charged $1.77 at the beginning of the week and than $2.50 at the end. i questioned the girl and she said that it’s $1.25 per hash brown – that the previous person charged me wrong. then going back another week, i took a long look at the menu board and noted that it was $1.09 (or something) for one and $1.69 (before tax) for two. this was under snacks/sides. when i challenged the stupid girl she said that the deal is only if you get a combo. that’s when i lost it. because her argument wasn’t even logical. why the f*ck would it list the amount for 1 and then for 2 if you had to get the special pricing for 2 only if you bought a combo? and then why the hell would it be under ‘Sides/Snacks?’ she said that this must be new and then i lost it again. because, no, it’s so not new. this up and down pricing has been going on for a month. maybe she’s the one that’s new. and stupid at the same time.
    • btw, i am going to talk to head office about this. i don’t want the money back but as it IS a profit on that particular mc D’s that i go to (who knows how many other people that girl has screwed), i want them to take that profit and put it towards the ronald mcdonald house. i might as well take a negative and pay it forward into something positive for some one needs it.
  • i bought a coke-zero from a convenience store and only found out when i got back to the office from my lunch break (meant to have it while i worked) that the cap safety feature had already been broken. no way was i going to risk drinking out of it – i’ll take it back tomorrow. hopefully the guy won’t give me a hard time as i’m a frequent customer. all i want is an exchange for a proper one. but still, the time wasted is stupid. and i didn’t get to have my coke zero while at work which i was craving! stupid! stupid! stupid!
  • i have stupidly loud neighbours. it’s 10pm and their toddler is running up and down the stairs (or banging something). what kind of parents lets their toddler go to bed between 10pm and 1am every night? stupid parents. whom happen to also be stupid neighbours.
  • i got in shit for a mistake at work which was not really my mistake. getting wrong information without knowing i got wrong information doesn’t mean it’s my fault just because i’m the messenger. two fingers up to them. you probably don’t even have to guess which fingers.
  • princess cruises had me at the platinum level when i last sailed with them. now they’ve downgraded me for no apparent reason. i’ve sent in an inquiry about this with no reply back. stupid cruise line.

2 thoughts on “random rants about random stupid people

    • you know – i was tempted to do that today. i’m too responsible! maybe i’ll leave early and work from home for the 2nd half of the day. i’m actually not feeling that great – came down with a lovely woman’s infection. isn’t life just peachy?

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