about that little red dress…

last week, i bought that little red dress online.

today, it arrived. and i tried it on.

the good news… well, it  doesn’t look horrible. and up to the waste, it looks great! from about the hips down, it looks great!

but the waist? a bit on the baggy side.

there is a hidden area where i may be able to use some safety pin magic to make it less baggy. but i’ll have to have it altered for our cruise. which i have plenty of time to do as we’re not going on our caribbean cruise until end of this year.

oh yeah – side tagent here… we’ve just booked our cruise to the south caribbean! aruba, bahama, come on pretty mama…  no i’m not breaking into the beach boys just to be corny. the cruise will take us to aruba and the bahamas. as well as curaçao. but curaçao isn’t in the song and to be honest, i have a hard time pronouncing curaçao. and yes, i think it’s actually ‘jamaica’ instead of ‘bahama’ but close enough!

anyway – this dress was something i had hoped to wear to a wedding this saturday and now i’m torn. i’m sure i could rush around to get it altered but i’m pretty busy as it is. i have that long, black evening gown but i had hoped for something short and more comfortable. i may do the safety pin and just say ‘the hell with it!’

i’m at the age where i think i deserve to be comfortable!


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