presqu’ile may 2013 – camping with friends

to kick start our camping season, we introduced presqu’le to our friends, tko, B, m+e. oh… and of course their cute miniature poodle, cowboy.

i had made reservations a couple of months ago and did my best to pick them a good site. when we arrived, i was happy that the description and location of their site did not disappoint. with a good quality grounding and privacy, they had a view of the lake peeking through the trees and easy access to the beach. but the trees surrounded them so those talking a stroll or riding their bikes along a trail by the lakeside did not disturb them. our campsite was just across from theirs making it easy access to walk to and fro.

here’s the story of our wonderful weekend with friends and nature through the eyes of my camera lens:

presqu'ile marsh boardwalk

beautiful wetlands

presqu'ile light house

scenic view from lighthouse

presqu'ile lighthouse

m+e trying the locked door to lighthouse – just in case

presqu'ile lighthouse trail

a little stroll

presqu'ile day use picnic area

view from our lunch picnic


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