homework woes

the daily homework for grade three can be quite a lot. and i’ll be honest, while i know it is good for her and what they learn is not just important and necessary, but great, i won’t even try to pretend that i enjoy it.

but we accept it. and we’ve gotten use to it.

then, right as we’re getting ready for a glorious weekend camping, hiking and talking with our friends by the campfire, i learn they’ve scheduled a science test for next wednesday, followed by a math test.

which isn’t so bad if she didn’t have anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hrs of homework each night because then i would at least know we have a couple of nights to just study for her tests.

i guess it’s just one of those annoyances of a) having to do homework and/or studying over the weekends and b) not learning about it until the weekend before (when they posted it). if i knew for the previous weekend, then i would have helped chaeli get a head start KNOWING what our weekend would be like the following weekend.

same goes for any ski trips we have planned in the winter.

my vent for the day.


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