panda cuteness, mother’s day part 2 and rouge hike

we had a very nice long weekend. packed full of fun, family time!

awhile ago, we got our zoo membership newsletter which gave us an opportunity to view the new panda bears and exhibit the day before they were to greet the public. i jumped at this opportunity since it would mean that we wouldn’t be competing with the usual zoo crowd.

i was even more pleasantly surprised when i went online to choose our 30 minute session that there were no additional fees – just a perk for being a member!

er shun (the female) and da mao (the male) were just adorable! but man, do they eat a lot of bamboo!

giant panda bears - toronto zoo

da mao, leaning and eating

saturday morning, doug and chaeli surprised me with ‘tea for two’ (or three in our case) at one of my favourite haunts, the old curiosity tea shop. the food is still amazing and the tea – yeah, good stuff!

the old curiosity tea shop

tea for two, please!

that same afternoon, we finally got a chance to see iron man 3 and i must say, it redeemed itself from the 2nd movie. not that i hated the 2nd movie – but it’s my least favourite of all iron man movies and even all avenger movies.

sunday morning, doug cooked up some fluffy pancakes – as usual, i had to have some berries to go with my brunch. the black berries and strawberries are not in season here just yet so we caved and bought some that came from the states. not my ideal choice – i would rather buy frozen canadian berries to support our agriculture but a whole month of frozen berries has done me in. i was craving the fresh stuff.

we didn’t want to waste such a beautiful sunny day so we piled ourselves into the car and drove to the rouge valley for a hike towards the wetland area. upon passing the zoo, we immediately were relieved to have had a chance to see the panda bears when we did. as saturday and sunday was the opening weekend for the panda exhibit, even the over-flow parking areas were almost completely filled up.

rouge creek

little miss in the little creek

our hike lead us to the rouge creek and back. hobbes had a great time walking mostly off-leash. as it was his 3rd birthday this past weekend, he also got treated to a couple of t-bone steaks (just the bone part).

we missed doug on monday since he had to work. it’s not so bad because i know he’s doing something he loves for a living – and helping people out there.  but of course i still wished we could have had him for the entire long weekend.

still, it was a wonderful time spent with one another. after i spent the early morning working out and then going through chaeli’s summer clothes (and collecting all the clothes we wanted to donate – 3 garbage bags; most of it were chaeli’s old clothes), chaeli and i spent most of the afternoon watching a series of romantic comedies – maid in manhattan, back-up plan and 27 dresses. i have to admit that this is a very fun age – she’s got that perfect mix of geek and girl-fun. from comic books and superhero movies to chick flicks and manicures!

as she gets older, i hope to introduce her to vampires.


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