doug’s first half marathon

mississauga half marathon

sunday morning, chaeli and i woke up at an ungodly hour in order to get doug across the city so he could join wah for their very first half marathon (and marathon of any kind). ada was there too. and i have to admit, i probably would not have dragged myself out of bed at 4:45 am if it weren’t for the fact that ada would be there to kill time for a couple of hours.

after the guys went off to check in, ada, chaeli and i went to a cora’s close by the start line. one thing about cora is that it opens early – but even still, we were waiting in the parking lot for about 10 minutes for it to open at 7am. but we got the early bird special! can’t say i’ve ever had that before (you need to order before 8am to take advantage of this marked-down menu – and seeing as how i usually only go to cora’s on a weekend, there’s no way i would get there before 8am voluntarily).

we then went to park our car at a community centre just 3 km from the finish line. the idea to take the shuttle bus didn’t seem appeasing to either of us so we walked down (note: my only exercise for the day – no guilt, either, as my husband was in the middle of his 21 km run).

i’ve never been to a marathon of any kind before so it was quite exciting to walk along the lake shore next to the path of runners – we arrived just as the first group of them started to breeze through. the spirit and excitement was exhilarating!

both wah and doug came below what they expected as far as time. wah at 1 hr 42 min and doug at 2 hr 10 min. doug wasn’t going for time as much as just wanting to complete his first 1/2 marathon. we were all very proud of both of them. completing it is an amazing feat – one i’ll never do!

afterwards, as we accompanied the guys slowly to the shuttle buses, we were all looking forward for some food. brunch for the two runners and well, as ada, chaeli and i already had breakfast type food, lunch or snacks for us gals.

we ended up at this really neat little cafe called Kerr Street Cafe. i ordered their fish burrito and it was heaven. served with my favourite type of salad leaves – argula with a light lemon vinaigrette, the burrito was quite large and the fish was quite hearty. yet, i wasn’t left feeling overly full – it was a perfect amount. i also had been craving some type of fish taco or burrito, too. at around the same price, i could have satisfied my craving at Mucho Burrito, close to where i live, but their portions are tiny and the amount of fish is quit small in comparison to what i got at Kerr Street Cafe – plus this cafe’s ingredients were fresh.

the coffee was to die for. i got this type of coffee known as “long black” which is sort of like a reverse americano in how it is prepared. the flavour was both strong and smooth – not always an easy combination to achieve. a lot of people think of strong coffee needing to have a really harsh edge to it. not at all true if you’re going for the quality stuff – it can be very smooth in taste.

all in all, it was a beautiful weekend. the sun was out and the days were long. it actually felt more like summer than spring – especially as both weekend afternoons had that lazy-patio feel.


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