a dialogue about adam levine with my 9 year old

we were watching The Voice when chaeli commented, “hey, i didn’t know adam wears glasses!” he wore them during one of his coaching sessions for the knock-out round.

i said, “i guess he does. i think he looks better in them!”

“i don’t like him in glasses.”

“did you know that auntie cathy loves adam levine?”

“i like him too!”

“yeah, but auntie cathy thinks he’s SEXY**!”

*surprised look from chaeli*

“what… you think he’s sexy, too? do you like him the way auntie cathy likes him?”

“ah hahahha! nooooo… ha ha ha!”

“oh… you’re embarrassed. that’s okay, we can talk about it later.”

“hahaha! i don’t want to talk about it later! hahaha-haaaa!”

chaeli was laughing so hard she almost had trouble breathing.

i continued teasing her as she went up the stairs to get ready for bed. she had to lie down until she was able to contain herself.

of course, i kept on just saying in different ways how auntie cathy loves him, has the biggest crush on him and think he’s sexy**

it was awesome.

then she asked, “did you want to marry a SEXY man, mommy?”

i replied, “i did… i married daddy!”

“ah ha ha ha! daddy’s not sexy! ewww… that’s gross! hahaha!”

**it should be pointed out that in no time, did my friend cathy, ever admit to thinking adam levine is sexy – perhaps just a small crush on the man but that is all. i added the whole ‘sexy’ bit because i knew it would make chaeli uncomfortable. and it makes for a better blog post.

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