memorial for uncle DY

i’ve been meaning to update at least a couple of times last week. but as the title of this post explains, we had a funeral last tuesday – a very unexpected one.

just a few days before the memorial for our dear, long-time family friend, known as uncle DY to me, he had a massive stroke. everything happened so quickly – both the shock accompanied by man different types of emotions were making it a difficult week for all.

in the end, all i can say is that we lost a great family man and amazing friend (my father’s best friend for 50+ years). a lot of people were at his memorial and chinese dinner reception afterwards. i know the gathering of so many people who’s lives were touched by uncle DY, would have made him very happy. he would not have wanted it any other way.

as the week went by, i found myself thinking about uncle DY quite a bit.

while still sad that he left us so soon and unexpectedly, i draw on his words of wisdom to help myself be more patient and hopefully, to be a better friend, parent and family member. his aim was to basically have a “fat life” and to be a good person.

no doubt, he achieved both of those goals. and i believe his spirit will live on strongly through our own practice in the philosophies he followed.


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