eddie the gym stalker – she’s baaaaack!

ugh. she’s back.

it’s been three years since she’s been back at my gym but yeah… she still remembers me.

i was working out on one of the cardio machines the other day and she took one of the same ones two down from me. thank god she didn’t plant herself right beside me.

i wasn’t sure if it was her or not. it’s hard, actually, not to miss her. but like i said, i haven’t seen her for 3 years so i didn’t completely trust my memory.

and if it weren’t for the fact that she would turn to stare at me, just like before, at least 7 or 8 times, i would have assumed it was just some one else that resembled her.

in the change room, i undressed and wrapped my towel around me as i made my way for a quick rinse. as i turned, i heard, “you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

oh no.

i didn’t have to turn around to know it was her. all doubt of whether or not eddie-the-stalker was back went out the window right there and then. i was so desperate not to have to talk to her that i actually looked around hoping the comment was made to anyone else there. but the fellow gym-goers just smiled back at me as if to say, “yes… she’s talking to you. and congrats – some one noticed you’ve lost weight. isn’t that nice?”

and i so wanted to say back to them, “oh my god please help me i don’t want to talk to this lady!”

so i mumbled a thank-you and made like i was in a rush. in my mind, i was also thinking, yes. i know you’ve noticed i’ve lost weight. you used this tactic 3 years ago when you last tried to befriend me.

eddie then proceeded to ask the exact same questions as she did the very first time she tried to talk to me. like before, she wanted to know my secret. she wanted to know what else i did, if i used weight watchers.

she wanted to know if it was just coming to the gym that worked for me.

i felt like saying, “well for starters, i come to the gym CONSISTENTLY rather than every 3 years!” but no. i don’t want her to come to the gym consistently.

so i said something to deflate any hopes that she can even begin to do what i do and said, “nope. i workout at home. military-style training. really hard. this is just to pass time.”

i heard her say, “oh” as i was turning to go, sounding disappointed.


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