, baseball game and moose steak

we met up with friends at barque for an amazing brunch. and when i mean amazing, i mean AMAZING! doug ordered the barque benedict which was on top of a smoked brisket which was on top of two toasted cornbread which was all covered and smothered with a bbq hollandaise sauce.

i was very tempted in ordering this but my gut instinct was to give their smoked trout omelette a try. and i was not disappointed at all. in fact, i don’t recall such a good omelette!

we’ll be heading back to this restaurant again… and again! the aim is to try everything on their menu at least once.

blue jays versus yankees

view from their seats

the husband of our friends, who happens to be my director, had two company tickets for the next day – toronto blue jays versus the new york yankees! doug and i have had these seats a couple of times in the past so we fully knew the view was going to be outstanding. but as there were only two tickets, i told doug to take chaeli since she’s been wanting to go for the past couple of years.

blue jays vs yankees

new blue jays fan in the making

luckily, chaeli’s first game resulted in a win for our team – 8 to 4. and daddy could not resist buying her her very first team baseball cap. he got one himself and i’m trying to forget that we now have $60 less in our pockets (not including the cracker jack, cotton candy, water and beer – all these things are so much more jacked up in price at a game!) but it was a great day and chaeli scored amazing seats for her first game.

to just back-track a bit, doug, chaeli and i also took hobbes back to high park after brunch with our friends, since barque was only a few minutes away. it gave hobbes a chance to burn out some of his canine energy and for the rest of us to walk off our brunch. the day was windy but the walk along the leash-free trail was nice. plus chaeli got another chance to visit the high park zoo.

as mentioned the other day, we had moose steak for dinner. doug’s had moose meat before but it was a first for me (and chaeli… and yes, hobbes, too). i have been wanting to try moose meat for awhile now. i’ve tried many other types of meat such as reindeer, elk, alligator, snake, frog legs, shark (not fins – actual shark meat), sea turtle (farmed, not the endangered type), bison, buffalo, ostrich and chocolate covered cricket. moose was definitely up their on my priority list.

it was a great way to end another wonderful weekend.


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