dream cheating

but technically, i don’t really ever dream cheat on doug. reason being, my subconscious has found a way to make my dreams guilt-free.

in any dream where i have some type of hot and sexy fling with a celebrity, i’m always in my 20’s – during the time i hadn’t even met doug.

how’s that for getting away with technicality?

last night was about usher.


oh… hotness!

the dream was at a party. he came up to me and we started dancing. next thing i know he was holding me very close and whispering into my ear, “lets get out of here.”

yeah – like i was going to say no to him.

unfortunately, the rest of the dream was pretty much a bust. all i know was that i ended back at his condo, we went into his bedroom and he closed the door.

and that’s when i woke up.

apparently, i’m not very good at dream-cheating, either.


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