preparing for next season

snowboarding boots

my new babies!

these are my very first pair of snow boarding boots!

i already had my snowboard (with bindings of course) but have been living with crappy rentals. and i pretty much had it with crappy rentals.

so this year, i vowed to wait for the end-of-season sale to get my own pair.

never knew snowboard boots could feel that comfy. well, of course i didn’t. i’m comparing them to those crappy rentals!

i’m very happy with the deal i got. especially as i wanted something that was not too cheap but not so expensive since i’m still classified as a beginner boarder. the quality of these babies should last me for many seasons.

what i’m not happy about is the fact that i have to wait until next winter to try them out. seems like a very long time but that’s the bittersweet part of end-of-season sales.


2 thoughts on “preparing for next season

    • thanks, rian! will watch the rest when i get home but caught the beginning of the vid. beautiful! i sometimes watch warren miller films. while his production does include snowboarding, it’s geared mainly towards skiers. my daughter loves it since she skis, but watching something that is more snowboard-centric is great!

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