cool ski chiquita

we decided to take advantage of saturday’s amazing, sunny and mild weather. so off we went for a little longer day out on the slopes.

once again, chaeli did really well. a couple of falls but for the most part, she held her own. near the end of the slope, she also started to pick up speed and do more sudden stops. there was definitely a noticeable increase in confidence.

VID-20130309-00037 a video by shyeyes on Flickr.

in fact, she even was starting to put on this ‘yeah, i’m cool’ aura about her. usually, my daughter is all excited, bubbly and it’s difficult to get her to just calm down when she’s about to do something she really, really loves to do. but as soon as we got there, she strolled into the lodge and was all, “i’m putting on my bored look. because people who look bored are cool. the world bores you when you’re cool. and i’m just very,  very cool.”

if she had a thought bubble above her head, it might even read, “yeah. i can do this. bring it.”

not sure where this all came from. but as she’s not the most athletic kid, i’m glad she has something to be confident about.

my parents came during the last 1.5 hour of our 4 hour rental period to watch chaeli. they were extremely impressed. i may be speaking too early but the kid seems to have a natural ability on the slopes. she comes by it honestly – doug is a whiz on skis.

as for me, i’m happy to say that yesterday was a hell of a lot better than last week. i fell a few times but  for the most part, i got the carving skills back. my s-turns were wide still, but the fact that i was more comfortably able to go from toe to heel and more importantly, heel to toe, made my day more enjoyable and less painful. well, there’s definitely some pain as far as muscle stiffness and soreness.

doug will be taking chaeli on the bigger green runs later this week if the weather co-operates. and i’m hoping, if there’s still enough snow around, i’ll get a chance to hit some of the longer runs myself before the season ends.

there were moments when i was coming down the hill just gliding from heel to toe and back, totally in the zen moment of boarding (exactly the feeling i wanted to get back) but then there were moments where all three of us where going down together – doug and chaeli on skis while i was not far behind them, doing my thing. it felt really good… to glance to the side and seeing them in their own world as well.

if chaeli and i can improve to the point where we can spend more time skiing/boarding during the winter, the cold, long months may not seem so bad.

it was just such a great day, which ended with a crap load of wings and beer (we treated my parents out for dinner).

2 thoughts on “cool ski chiquita

    • what? you’re a boarder. you can’t desert boarding, dude. everyone i know who use to board is switching over to skiing! who am i going to board with? come on. don’t go over to the dark side, dude!

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