embracing winter

i have to admit, since toronto’s winters have been more on the mild side (compared to what i remember as a child thanks to global warming), i’ve become a bit of a wimp with all the snow fall lately.

doug, however, has been encouraging us to embrace winter by getting out more and doing more winter activities. we think it will also help with my anxiety and depression which magnifies during the colder months.

the snow shoeing idea was a good investment. but skiing and snow boarding is another important activity we want to try and squeeze in.

this past saturday was our first ski/board day with chaeli. doug and i were prepared for the worst. chaeli is not the most athletic kid so we braced ourselves for posible whining, crying and frustrations.

beginner skiing

pushing off!

she surprised the both of us. the kid got bit by the skiing bug within the first hour! we only went to a small hill just outside our city so it was a great place for beginners. but the beginner hill was steep enough to some momentum going.

after a short break, chaeli was begging to get back out there again. and then at the end of the day, she was asking when we can do it all again. by the end of the afternoon, she was going down without doug. and i have never seen doug as proud and as happy about chaeli’s accomplishments as he showed it that day.

beginner skiing

practicing her turns

as for me, well… i’m 40. and have not been back on the board since 10 years ago (or maybe more). i was a mess at the beginning. after 3 hours, i improved more since my first, first-time… but there’s much more room for improvement. my body is sore but i’m not giving up. i have no real joy to ever get to those black diamond runs, but if i can make it down a blue trail as my best achievement, i’ll be happy with that.

i’m being real here. because i may be 50 by that time.


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