Disney World 2013 – final notes

i just wanted to record some random notes about our trip:

  • we did get a chance to visit Disney’s Boardwalk which was quite beautiful. i didn’t take any photos because we were there in the evening when it was quite dark. i’ve been to Downtown Disney before, but never the boardwalk. it was a nice, quaint area. the main reason we were there was our reservations at Iron Chef Cat Cora’s Kouzzina’s. overall, it was a good restaurant, but strangely, not my favourite. the quality was good, don’t get me wrong. but i expected more. what was good, however, was the spreads we ordered for appetizers. i have never had such amazing hummus before in my life. and the two types of olive oil they gave us for dipping (with the very good, freshly baked sour dough bread) was also heaven. the trio sampler dessert platter i ordered was also not to be forgotten – especially as it was accompanied by one of the best tasting pressed coffee ever! i’m not sure if it was really that good or not mainly because we had no great comparison for that entire week. the resort, refillable coffee was very much on the sad side. i never thought i would say this, but the next time we go back to disney world, i’ll be looking forward to that starbucks they are replacing Main Street Bakery with in Magic Kingdom.
  • disney world marketing blows me away. first of all, since chaeli got a lot of autographed birthday cards and pictures from all the characters we had a chance to meet, i noticed right away that each cast member playing these characters had perfected their autograph. why i know this? i’m a typography-geek after all. of course, i’ve seen these branded disney fonts and i knew right off the bat that these signatures followed very closely to the disney character fonts.
  • disney is also known to be quite the shark in the marketing world. on the route from disney to the airport and vice versa, you won’t find ANY bulletin boards/ads from competitors. disney arranged with the county to make sure of this and while it sounds crazy expensive to ensure that they get this way here, i can’t help but to be in awe of this gutsy tactic. i want to just bow down repeatedly while saying, “WE’RE NOT WORTHY! WE’RE NOT WORTHY!

anyway, i’ve been back to reality for the past few weeks now but am going through mickey-ears withdrawal. this happens every time – especially after a good, successful trip to disney world.

we will return one day for sure. but i mentioned to doug that the next time we get the urge to do a disney trip, i would like to try disneyland for just something a little different.


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