Disney World 2013 – Hollywood Studios

the smallest of all theme parks but definitely worth the visit. actually, it’s a good day to plan a visit to Hollywood Studios if you don’t have a full day to spend at a theme park (i.e. if you have dinner reservations at another resort or want to go to Downtown Disney or Boardwalk later on that day). and while it is small, there’s still plentyof things to do.

it does have more potential though – i hope disney will improve on some of the older rides and maybe expand the park to include pixar’s radiator spring (like what they added in disneyland).

disney world hollywood studios

shrunken down and playing in the grass

disney world hollywood studios

big puppy dog nose

while we didn’t spend as much time in this playground like we did before but as a tradition, i had to stop for some photo-ops at the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” movie playground set.

disney world hollywood studios

“y’all can make yourself at home in the living room until dinner is ready!”

disney world hollywood studios

our 50’s style kitchen table

last time we dined in hollywood studios, we tried their Sci-Fi Drive-Thru – the interior was themed to look like an actual drive thru. we sat in cars as our tables and watched old, black and white sci-fi movies on the big screen. i wanted to try something different – hollywood studios has great themed restaurants (like The Brown Derby – also something we tried the last time we visited).

and so i made reservations at the 50’s Prime Time. i thought it was going to be just like another 50’s style diner. but was i wrong! the place was made to look like a typical 50’s style home. the waiting area was really a couple of living rooms. and as we walked to the seating area, we walked through a very retro-style kitchen.

the waiting staff and the host/hostess did their part, too. as we got called up for dinner where we were able to watch black and white comedy clips from the 50’s, we were reminded of the rules – no elbows on the table and we were expected to finish all our veggies! chaeli didn’t like the rules – i had to explain to her that it’s all part of the act. that they weren’t really going to get her in trouble if she broke them!

another restaurant we went to at Hollywood Studios was The Hollywood and Vine. a great buffet! the highlight for me was their lobster and shrimp mac and cheese. chaeli’s fave was the chocolate fondue fountain.

disney world hollywood studios

robot scanning luggages before boarding

there aren’t a lot of rides in Hollywood Studios but there were two main rides we went on more than once. one was Toy Story Mania – a must for everyone. this interactive, moving video-game ride is the most popular ride in this park. getting a fast past when you arrive is ideal because by mid-afternoon, all the fast passes are gone for the day.

another important ride for us was the star wars Star Tour ride. i heard they’ve made amazing improvements on this ride and the reviews did not disappoint. it is now a ride made of sequences – beginning, two middle sequences and an end. there are different sequences to each segments and you never know what combination you will get. we went on five times during our entire week and had at least one new segment each time that we had never seen before. i read somewhere that there are over 50 combinations.

we also bought chaeli her own little ewok stuffed toy. it was too cute ot pass up.

finally, we made sure to catch the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. i believe we watched it with chaeli when she was young but back then she didn’t really get some of the side humour and inside jokes from the show. and the intense moments, while it didn’t scare her, made her uncomfortable. this time around, she simply loved this stunt show! and laughed at all the right moments.


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