Disney World 2013 – Epcot

ah… Epcot. nothing is as classic as The Magic Kingdom where you really feel the magic of disney come to life. but there’s something about Epcot that holds a special place in my heart. i suppose, back in the days, it was the first place that focused a great deal of its attractions on the future. on how we might live in the future. on the technology of the future.

some attractions still show a bit of this retro, epcot-style. Spaceship Earth now lets you choose your own preview of your future at the end of the ride where you answer some questions and then see a little animation short (with your head on a cartoon body). the living land ride still has a showcase on some of the advanced ways of agriculture which includes ways to grow crops in harsher environments. but i miss horizons – a ride that solely was about living in futuristic harsh environments like mars, the dessert or in the seas. and while the nemo and friends pavilion is still impressive, the ride is horrible! i so miss the living seas ride which took your capsule into these tubes that went smack in the middle of the large aquarium. i am hoping that epcot gets back on track in regards to an expo of the future as it was originally envisioned to be.

still, we did enjoy going on Soaring, a simulated IMAX style hang-gliding adventure, Test Track, a high speed obstacle test track of model cars, and Mission Space, where the riders are the first chosen astronauts for the first mission to mars (lead by Gary Senise). in fact, it was our first time going on Mission Space – we had the opportunity to go on both the less intensive green mission and more intensive (stronger g-force feel) orange mission over and over again because the line-ups rarely exceeded 10 minutes wait time. all three of these rides were the newest to Epcot and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Test Track is quite the adrenaline rush and at the moment, is my favourite of this particular theme park.

disney world epcot

– this character dining experience included an 8×10 photo with the featured princesses

for another character dining experience, we headed back to one we did in 2009 – The Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. this time, though, only five princesses were present (the last time, there were seven). but as it was chaeli’s birthday, she got a birthday card autographed by all the princesses that were present that day (she actually got autographed cards from each character dining restaurants we went to).

one thing i like about this dining experience is the food. while it is an all-u-can eat style, only the cold food is at the buffet stations. the hot food is made fresh and served right to your table. you could order more but the platter is so huge we have a hard time finishing it the first time around. the cold buffet station is filled with a few types of smoked fish, fresh fruit and great pastries.

while we didn’t have time to visit all the different countries of the showcase in-depth, we made sure to walk around and admire  the designs. i mentioned to doug that when chaeli is all grown up and we’re semi-retired, him and i should come back just the two of us. at night, Epcot’s World Showcase is quite romantic.

disney world epcot

rockin’ it with Off Kilter

one of the best things about Epcot’s World Showcase are all the different entertainment you can encounter. i made sure we had a chance to stop off at the canadian pavilion to check out Off Kilter… a scottish bag-pipe, folk inspired rock band. they were fantastic!

disney world epcot

oktoberfest polka music

for another table service credit, we made reservations at The Biergarten in the Germany pavilion. the entertainment was pure oktoberfest style. as was the tables of 10 people each. we were seated with a family of five who were all just lovely. i wanted to just give their teenage daughter a big hug – she was just such a sweetie! the food was buffet style and really, really good. as was the german beer.


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