Disney World 2013 – Port Orleans French Quarter

so i finally uploaded my photos. we’ve gone to disney before. i didn’t want to live my time behind the lens so i actually took only half the amount i took from our previous trips.

we booked a moderate value resort this time, to take advantage of the free dining plus plan they offered us. it was a fantastic choice – Port Orleans French Quarters was both gorgeous and peaceful. it didn’t take long to walk over to Port Orleans Riverside, either – but i’m glad we stayed in the smaller part of Port Orleans. there were less people and the walking distance to the main facilities was a very short walk no matter where your unit was.

disney port orleans french quarter

jazzy alligators by the pool

disney port orleans french quarter

serpent water slide

chaeli and doug certainly made use of the pool. if i weren’t allergic to chlorine, i would have joined them but thanks to the free wifi, i brought along my ipad and had some sangria by the poolside instead.

the sea serpent intertwined the large pool with tail and body parts coming out here and there. the end of it, the head with king triton sitting on top, was a water slide – which was the tongue coming out of the mouth. chaeli went down the slide countless times.

they also had a water fall coming over a large clam and by the wading pool an alligator was shooting water out of his sax.

disney world port orleans french quarter

view of the main building

disney port orleans french quarters

rue d’baga. get it? our street name.

as mentioned, French Quarters was beautiful and peaceful. i felt like we had a lot of privacy and that really helped get me into a more relaxed mode right from day 1.

disney port orleans riverside

“plantation” style of Riverside at sunset

Riverside was equally as beautiful with all the units designed to look like typical, southern plantation style mansions. at night, the lights really added to the look and feel of the place. often, we would see people riding the horse-drawn carriages up and down by the river.

disney port orleans riverside

view of the marina, main building and restaurant at riverside

we actually dined at the Riverside Boatwright Dining Hall twice. not only was it convenient but the food was amazing! the first night, i had this blackened fish on top of a grilled grit cake and stewed green tomatos. it was not only a perfect combination but not at all too rich. doug had their jambalaya. the 2nd time, i had their grilled beef tenderloin medallions served with adult style macaroni & cheese, seasonal vegetables, crawfish beignet, and red wine demi-glace. and doug ordered slow-roasted prime rib with red wine demi-glace, horseradish sauce with yukon gold potatoes, watercress, and balsamic vinaigrette.

disney port orleans riverside

the fishing hole – where no fish was caught

the Riverside also had this fishing hole, which we tried out for 30 minutes (min. time for $4.25) but chaeli had no luck. in fact, she got bored and doug did the last 20 mintues while she played with the worms.


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