lets judge a book by it’s cover…

when it comes to people, we shouldn’t judge them by their appearance.

when it comes to books, i tend to semi-agree on this philosophy. but my marketing side also questions, “why can’t we design a cover that matches the story and characters inside these pages?”

when it comes to movies, i think we most definitely can at least partially judge a movie by its poster! movies are a visual experience – the poster belongs in that visual world.

at the beginning of each year, i take a look at some of the upcoming movies, jotting down ones that may be of interest. this year, a couple of the artwork caught my attention

here are my top three favourites:

3.  The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby movie poster

love that art deco look

why can’t art deco come back in full force? it’s really why i love this poster.

2.  Stand Up Guy

Stand Up Guys movie poster

retro look

i’ve never even heard about this movie but this poster caught my eye right away. the retro style is not over-done but very chic.

1. The Wolverine

The Wolverine movie poster

less is more approach

there are so many levels of why this poster is awesome. but the basic success of this poster is simply this – less is more. for a high-end, high-budget movie, i’m so very happy they didn’t feel a need for a busy poster.


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