that old chinese childhood lesson

growing up with somewhat traditional chinese parents, there were lessons taught  that were very, well, chinese.

one that sneaks up on me as both a parent and a person still learning, growing and facing obstacles in life, is the every-so-frustrating, but somehow true, “of course you don’t like it yet. you won’t like it until you become good at it!”

“it” can refer to any challenge – whether it be a subject at school, mastering a musical instrument or learning a new sport.

the frustrating part for me, however, was that this little philosophy could be switched around to, “well of course you aren’t good at it yet – you haven’t done it enough to like it!”

the other day, i stumbled upon a revelation that made me think of this childhood lesson. i just finished doing the p90x+ total body plus workout. as i sat in the kitchen, guzzling down some water, doug asked, “good workout?”

my very exhilirated reply, “hell yeah! you can’t go wrong with total body plus! it never disappoints!”

then i went on to explain that i use to hate this workout. with a passion. after about 2 years of semi-avoiding this dvd, i finally came to understand that i loathed doing it because, at the beginning, i had trouble doing almost half the exercises. so of course it wasn’t fun.

i haven’t mastered it yet – there are still 3 moves that i have difficulty doing and at least 1 or 2 that i could improve on. yet, i am better at it. better enough to love it. and even look forward to doing it all again next week.

continue reading my review on p90x+ total body plus workout.


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