top 10 annoying faces of 2012

yes, i did this for the past decade at the end of 2010. and i doubt this will be an annual thing. but i figure, why not add to the list?

some may be a repeat – either because they are still there (and everywhere) or they’ve just done more things to annoy me this past year.

10. rihanna


beautiful when she’s not putting on her smutt-look

i actually wasn’t too sure about rihanna. i will admit that i like most of her music. but she was just on the over-rated side of everything this past year. and what bugs me is that, while she can be such a beautiful, sophisticated woman, she ruins it by going the sleazy and raunchy way. like… really raunchy. there’s sexy. and then there’s just dirty. rihanna’s past two years have been just that.dirty.

9. kayne west and kim kardashian

kim kardashian & kanye west

even their worst photos aren’t that bad – but they’re still annoying

i know – that’s two people i’m rhyming off here. and they probably deserve a spot on their very own (kayne would be higher on the list than kim, though). there’s a purpose to including them on the list as a couple – they are even more annoying this way. the only thing good about the two of them being together is that they aren’t off being together with some one else, making it two annoying couples over just one.

8. donald trump

donald trump

donald – just go for the bald look already, will ya?

he might have gone below my radar. except when he tried to pull that obama, secret divorce paper scandal. grow up, donald. you’ve got too much time on your hands. i must admit, i’ll never get tired of his funny facial expressions – entertaining at the least.

7. one direction

one direction

their music is banned from our house.

i could give each of the five boy-band members their own spot but to be honest, i really don’t know who’s who and couldn’t care less. they are pretty much all the same to me. there is one that annoys me the most – it’s the one with the stupid hair cut. i don’t think i need to look-up his name. you know which one i’m talking about.

6. katy perry

katy perry

once again, why are her eyes so wide?

yes, a repeat from my previous list but unfortunately, she’s still popular enough to still be in the limelight and therefore, annoying the crap out of me. it doesn’t help that i can’t stand her music. or her freakishy big eyes.

5. carly rae jepsen

carly rae jepsen

she’s as annoying as the comic sans font

move over katy perry – it’s your cutsy little would-be sister, carly rae! yay, everyone! look who’s here! it’s carly rae! she’s so nice and so sweet and thank you carly rae for being the reason why the summer of 2012 playlist SUCKED because EVERYONE EVERYWHERE played that one song over and over and over again! ugh. please let ‘call me maybe’ die with 2012’s false predictions of the mayan calendar.

4. snooki


oh no no no – has tv really come down to something like jersey shores?

i’ve never understood the whole jersey shore thing and i probably never will. wait, scratch that, i probably never WANT to understand. just looking at snooki makes me cringe. smutt-in-the-making. and as some one who is top heavy, let me just say this. there’s good cleavage. and then there’s bad cleavage. snooki is an example of the latter.

3. ann coulter

ann coulter

it would be nice if one day, she took an oath to silence – forever

she’s about the most moronic person in the media. there should be some sort of… hazard label placed over that woman’s mouth.

2. nicki minaj

nicki minaj

lady gaga #2

i’m not a mariah carey fan but nicki minaj made me want to marry mariah after that whole show down on american idol! even without all that hoopla, i’m just not a fan of nicki. it’s not just my distaste for her music but her unoriginality to be unoriginal makes her, well, very original. sorry nicki – FAIL!

1. honey boo boo and mother, june shannon

honey boo boo

this photo makes me want to run for dear life

all i could say when i heard about this reality tv phenomenom was WTF???


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