the 40’s club

it hurts to be back at the daily grind. it really hurts.

i wanted to just crawl back under the covers this morning. but one has to make a living!

these past few days were quite blissful, though. so, at the least, we slowed down our pace for a more relaxing way to start the new year.

last thursday, i joined the 40’s club. turning 40 hasn’t been all that bad. when i think back, turning 35 (or more so, 36, 37 and 38) were a little more intense. mainly because ever since 35, i have been preparing myself for the big 4-0.

i do feel older – my body feels it, at least. aches and pains come about more easily and stay a bit longer. but there’s also something nice about turning 40. i think as i age, especially with each decade, i become more comfortable in my own skin.

in fact, as far as my fitness goes, i’m at the happiest level i’ve ever been in. which might seem very ironic, considering that i looked my best in my mid to late 20’s. i was much faster, stronger… tighter! youth was on my side as far as appearance. yet, back then, i was never satisfied with the way i looked. nor my performance. image played a stronger influence in how i pushed myself. and i definitely pushed myself way too much. i, actually, hurt my body rather than love it.

so now, i’m slower, at a higher body fat percentage (though within norm) and my youthful years are far behind me. still… i’m more flexible (thank you, yoga) and only a little less stronger than before. i’ve got more agility and while i do get some minor aches and pain, the chronic lower back pain that i ignored too often is now gone.

do i wish i could have my 27 year old body back? yes – in a heartbeat. but only if it could be accompanied by some of my strengths now.

anyway, chaeli got a bit of the flu over christmas so all birthday plans with my family were cancelled. which was, actually, a perfect way to celebrate my birthday. nothing personal against my family, it’s just that finding solitude and days of doing nothing with just doug and chaeli, are extremely hard to come by. i couldn’t find a better way to celebrate my 40th, really.

on the 30th, ada and hoa came back from the west coast (for good) and met up with most of our posse for dim sum in china town (only 1 family could not make it). it felt good to all be together. and in my heart, i celebrated my birthday quietly with my good friends.

on the 31st, cathy and greg were kind enough to have chaeli and i (plus hobbes) over to celebrate with just them and their two kids. they knew doug was working and took us in to their own household for a peaceful and intimate way of ringing in the new year.

finally, on new year’s day, my last day of my holiday vacation, doug came home and i began 2013 with one hour of yoga, followed by a lazy day in pj’s while starting the 3rd season of The Vampire Diaries.

yoga and vampires – what better way to start the new year?


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