christmas 2012 celebrations – day 3

continuing from yesterday, i actually felt like christmas was happening on boxing day.

doug came home just after 8am as i started to do my workout. he had a busy day yesterday with two calls overnight. so while he had a nap, i ran out later on to get some mc d’s breakfast (too lazy to make anything).

we finally finished unwrapping the rest of our gifts. chaeli was very good – we saved half of santa’s loot (the ones mainly from doug and i) and each other’s presents for when doug came home. it was just something i felt would be nice – since opening the gifts together as a family is really the best part.

doug spent some time in the afternoon hooking up our new XBOX 360 and Kinect and we managed to test it out.

in the evening, we went over to my aunt’s and uncle’s for a traditional turkey feast.

and i must say – i’m getting old. i use to down much more turkey. i tried to this year and ended up feeling way too stuffed by the end of the night.

it was a very nice day, indeed. i got a chance to read more – especially two different yoga magazines santa (a.k.a. doug) bought me.

here’s my own ‘best of’ loot for 2012:

shy's christmas gifts

shy’s ‘best of’ loot

  1. Avengers (blu ray from Chaeli)
  2. Toe Sox (for yoga)
  3. Jewellery travel pouch (from my parents-in-law)
  4. Cosby Show season 3 & 4 (dvd from my aunt and uncle)
  5. Loofah sponge
  6. Yoga Journal subscription for the year
  7. Godiva dark chocolate with candy cane
  8. Thor (blu ray from Doug)
  9. Slick picture frame
  10. Sudoku a day desk calendar
  11. Body Shop brow and liner kit

2 thoughts on “christmas 2012 celebrations – day 3

  1. Shy, I’ve always liked seeing how you describe and arrange your Xmas wish lists. Random nerd question: how do you create the cool little graphic of all your loot complete with pix and numbers?

    Happy new year to you and yours!

    • thanks!

      i use photoshop – basically, i download an image of the product (or something close to it), size them down in photoshop and then add the numbers.

      i’m not sure what other image/photo editing programs are out there? i only know photoshop, myself.

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