christmas 2012 celebrations – day 2


my dad and chaeli – sitting in the pumper truck

since this was doug’s first christmas away from home, my parents, chaeli and i decided to bring a little holiday cheer to his firestation.

it was also a good excuse to give my parents a tour. my dad was really excited to get a chance to sit in the firetruck – like a big boy with some new toys! and of course, he wanted nothing less than to pose with chaeli.

i brought one of our home made christmas cakes for the crew and even brought doug a couple of presents from santa to help kick-start his christmas.

and just like yesterday’s post, here’s chaeli’s ‘best of’ loot:

chaeli's christmas presents

chaeli’s 2012 ‘best of’ loot

  1. Kinectimals for XBOX Kinect (from doug and i)
  2. Lego journal
  3. Monster High dolls
  4. Headband craft kit (from my aunt and uncle)
  5. Cooking Mama for Nintendo DS
  6. Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers [Hardcover]
  7. XBOX Kinect plus 2 game bundle (from my parents – meant really for all of us)
  8. Rise of the Guardians (paperback – from M & E)
  9. $10 gift card (from Hobbes)
  10. Smencils & Holidays Smencil erasers
  11. Lego City Firetruck (from doug’s parents)

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