christmas 2012 celebrations – day 1

i am breaking my posts up to 3 posts – each for each of the 3 days we celebrated christmas. with doug working on christmas day, we basically decided to spread christmas out. and to be honest, with all that goes into preparing for this holiday, this was a nice change, being able to enjoy it a little longer.

it started on christmas eve. we went back to the church we got married – united church – for christmas mass. a first for chaeli. and while she was bored during some parts, she loved the singing. in the end, there was a closing candle lighting ceremony where every person on both sides of the aisle was given a thin, long candle and would then pass the flame down each aisle, which chaeli was more than happy to participate in.

the day leading up to the 7pm service and a little time spent afterwards, heavily took place in front of our christmas tree.

we spent a good time reading our books and listening to tunes. it was very relaxing.

after chaeli fell asleep for the night (we waited until midnight, just in case) doug and i tip-toed to the stockings and christmas tree to do santa’s deed. and of course, before chaeli got ready for bed, she left a letter to santa next to a glass of milk and a plate full of cookies – plus a carrot for rudolph (her specific instructions).

santa and family were extremely generous to us this year. and because of all the super generosity, i’ll showcase each of our ‘best of’ loot per day, starting with doug’s:

doug's christmas presents

doug’s 2012 ‘best of’ loot

  1. Game of Thrones box set (paperback)
  2. German beer set with beer stein – Erdinger beer
  3. Extreme Brewing (hardcover – gift from chaeli)
  4. Year’s subscription to Runner’s World (from hobbes)
  5. Loaded by Blake Shelton (downloaded and burnt to CD)
  6. Two types of Dry Rub/Spice – Carribean Chicken and BBQ
  7. Train tracks to add to our Christmas tree train set (from his parents)
  8. Skyrim for PS3 (from my aunt/uncle)
  9. Assassins Creed for XBOX
  10. Chef Michaeli Smith’s Fast Flavours (paperback)
  11. Tartan design firefighter cap (from me)

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