the eve before christmas eve

doug came back from yesterday’s 24-hr shift this morning – thus commencing our 2 days together as a family. it’s going to be a very busy week (mainly for the latter half of the week) so this is our chance to just hang out. just the four of us.

i just finished our yearly newsletter – a bit earlier this year. normally, i don’t get a chance to start it until after christmas and never completing it until the first week or two of the new year.  but with doug working yesterday, i had some quiet time after chaeli went to bed, to compose some of the memories of 2012 into words.

it was, actually, a stressful year in many ways, but i’m glad i do this annual newsletter because it really helps remind me of all the great moments we’ve had – both individually and as a family.

i’ll admit i go into 2013 feeling quite unsettled. i think this occurs whenever i feel like there’s just too many loose ends left from the previous (current) year  and i don’t know what that really means for 2013. this would be okay if i knew that 2012 was a transitional year but in many ways, i just don’t feel like it was one. or maybe it was but it seems that these past few years have been one transitional year after another.

i don’t have any formal resolutions to make for the upcoming year. all i can really hope for is to continue searching for inner peace – to find strength in blocking any external negative and evil energy that tries to penetrate my spirits and my soul. i will still be on that path of finding enlightenment and hoping to continue cleansing my soul in order to make room in my heart for those that matter in my life.

anyway – to anyone who is reading this, i wish you and your loved ones a very happy and safe holiday. all the best in 2013!


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