gun control v.s. mental health issues

i must have started a blog post half a dozen times over the weekend.

each time was the same. my intentions were to just do an out-pour of emotions over everyone who suffered from the friday morning tragedy in newtown, conneticut.

i wanted to show my support and how truly, deeply sorry i was for all those that suffered that horrible friday morning.

but each time, i deleted my post. whatever i wrote down, in the end, just sounded too selfish. after all, it was, in the end, to let myself spill it all out – vent, rant, shed my own emotions.

as a parent, it’s really hard not to. because we can’t help but to imagine what if it was something that happened to our children. we can’t help but to wonder how our own kids could be at risk.

the reality is out there. every september, when chaeli starts her new school year, we are reminded that they do a lock-down drill along with a fire evacuation drill. the fire evacuation, i can stomach. the lock-down? i still can’t. not because i don’t believe they should do it. it’s because i believe in it very much, that it is extremely necessary, is what makes me nauseous.

so i can’t help, each year, to imagine my baby, practicing how to huddle in the corner of her classroom until the police arrives and the ‘bad guy’ has been stopped and taken away. i can’t help but to imagine my child participating in something that symbolizes the type of world we live in today.

and so today, i have decided to post my thoughts – not just my sorrow of such a horrific act of violence and the grim reality of those parents who will be facing christmas without their little one. but of what i feel needs to be done.

i did quickly skim down the very long list of tweets from celebrities offering their thoughts and sympathies. many of them brought up about gun control. i do agree – it is a step towards the right direction

but only one person, howie mandel, actually, said something that stuck out:

“The tragedy today speaks volumes about our society’s negligence toward identifying and acting on mental health issues.”

up here in canada, we have gun control. the laws stipulating how one owns and uses a gun can’t get anymore stricter then it already is. yet, as this past year has shown, we’ve faced innocent lives ripped apart during the gun fires between gangs in more than one public place (all within just a few months).

we can try to control the access of guns and other weapons – but i believe it would be so much more effective if we are able to find a way to prevent the problem in the first place.

anyway – i have said enough for the time being.

my thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered from friday morning’s incident in newtown. and my prayers will continue to wish for a better future for our world.

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