catching up on the old blogging thing

i have been really sporadic with my blog posts these past couple of months. i miss this place. it’s just been a little on the chaotic side. believe me, i have little thoughts and ideas popping up in my head about what i want to blog about. but by the time i actually get to it, i’ve forgotten some of the details or it just seems like old news. even for me.

so as a way to play catch-up, here’s another list of random updates:

  • these past two months, i’ve been ogled or approached by strange men when out in public. no, i know what some are thinking. that i should take it as a compliment. but why? i know i am more the plain jane, almost 40 (in about 3 weeks) type. and to be completely honest, these men are not charming at all. it would be one thing if i at least encountered some one who is charming. i’m faithful to the bone to my husband but this all actually depresses me. because i can’t help but to think that should anything happen between doug and i (that very hypothetical thought in which i rather would not linger on), THESE… are the type of suitors i would have available? pfffbbtt!
  • i don’t always like to admit being wrong. but when i’m wrong, i’m wrong. and i definitely was wrong about The Vampire Diaries. when this show first hit the scene 3 seasons ago, i mistook the commercials to make it look like twilight meets 90210. there are some teenage angst and romance and minor shallowness (but only from one character) but all in all, it’s pretty well written. i can’t help but to draw similarities of this show to Twilight. though one must point out – The Vampire Diaries is based on books that were written before the Twilight series came out. i don’t know how well they are written but the whole high school girl and over a century old vampire trapped in a 17 year old body is definitely not new.
  • i have been much more social this past month then the last two months before. i managed to go out for a good friend’s 40th birthday with another gf (we all knew each other from high school) and it was just so much fun! we left the restaurant just a little before midnight. i’m sure the cleaning crew were glad to see us go! then the following week, we went to t&t’s place for some take-out sushi. always a fun get-together with that family.
  • we started our christmas baking this past weekend. which means that i also started my traditional shot or two of baily’s irish cream. rarely do i ever indulge in this rich, alcoholic beverage outside of this time of year. it’s much more special this way.
  • i downloaded talyor swift’s latest song – I Knew You Were Trouble. playing it on repeat.

2 thoughts on “catching up on the old blogging thing

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