the countdown begins

i’m not oppose to advent calendars but really can do without more chocolate sinch we still have 80% of our loot left from halloween.

not to mention 50% of our loot left from the easter bunny and about 15% left from valentine’s day.

note to self: go through and chuck whatever might be on the staleness-side of things.

this year, we opted for lego’s city advent calendar. each day, chaeli will unfold a character or small lego vehicle to the city collection. we liked that this one had firefighters in it.

advent calendar

better than chocolate!

and the bonus? we had a scratch and save card – doug’s card was the maximum reward. a nice 50% off!

i just finished wrapping most of my in-law’s christmas gifts. there’s just two more items that i forgot to pick up – a calendar of chaeli photos i made for the grandparents and cat nip for my SIL’s two cats.

after wrapping 10 gifts, i’m done! it hurts me to think of how many more just with doug and chaeli alone. but it may not be so bad. i tend to use gift bags for at least a quarter of their presents. and with my side of the family, it’s all gift bags!

still, doug’s and especially chaeli’s, will take up the most time. all those little stocking stuffers are small items but they do sure add up!


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