tis the season

santa's clothes garland

tis the season – again

it’s been several days since i lasted posted here. not intentional. in fact, there’s been many times where i’ve wanted to write up a post about something but i’ve been so busy, it’s just been difficult to make the time.

anyway, it’s mid-november which means we’re gearing up for christmas! i asked doug if we could start decorating earlier this year (next weekend, actually). obviously, since we buy a live tree, that will be the last decoration to go up, which will be two weeks before christmas.

but there is the need for me to be surrounded by the christmas decorations this year. it always helps. it’s like they give off a warmth and helps to bring much more peace and tranquality to my soul.

plus, we’re preparing to bake a lot of cookies as a way to make little care-packages to all of chaeli’s teachers as well as some family friends. it’s great to get into the mood of baking when you’re surrounded by the holiday decorations (and maybe some christmas tunes, too).

anyway, usually i am near done by christmas shopping by now. this year, i’m a little slower but pretty much have an idea of what i need to get. just a couple of more stops at specific stores and a few more clicks online and i should be done.


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