mommy, you eat a lot!

that’s what chaeli said to me while we dined at mc D’s yesterday. yes, daddy was at work and i was too lazy to put any effort into dinner.

she said this after i had asked her, “chaeli, do you think you’ll be okay if mommy just goes up to the counter f0r a cheeseburger?”

to which she replied, with big, wide eyes, “you’re STILL hungry???”

“yes. i am”

when i came back with my order, downed it without a problem along w/ two nuggets from her 6-piece combo meal and some of her fries she could not finish, that’s when she commented,” mommy, you eat a lot.”

“yes. i do.”

oh… did i mention that all that was after my quarter pounder combo and an order of a filet-o-fish sandwich (not as a combo but just on it’s own)?

my daughter’s observation was quite accurate.

see, here’s the thing. some months, there are 3-4 days where it’s like i can not get enough calories. after that crazy meal, i was satisfied. but not full. this usually follows a period of time where i’m not hungry at all. i suppose from a week to week basis, it all evens out.

plus, my workouts have been intense.  but last night, even i scared myself!


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