escaping with good reads

i’ve been reading much more this year than in the past few – and i’m excited to be getting back on track.

if there is one lesson i must remember, no matter how busy life gets, there’s always room for reading. it’s not unlike my lifestyle choice of making time for fitness. i need to exercise both the body and mind.

thankfully, i found greg through the old vox community (which i still think was a much better blogging platform and community – no offense wordpress – while i do think you are still no. 1, vox gave me my own personal space which made it easier to share and reach out to a smaller yet intimate online community). his blog, focused on the literary community (mainly in montreal) with a generous amount of posts about good reads, gives me ideas and ways to reach out outside the norm.

i’ll admit, if it weren’t for his blog, i wouldn’t have discovered several international and local authors from my reading list.

i’ve just put 3 books on hold from our library – two of the books recommended by greg. and one banana yoshimoto book thrown in just for kicks. yoshimoto books are always an easy, quick read. her writing flows and carries you through the pages – definitely one of my guilty pleasures.


5 thoughts on “escaping with good reads

  1. I like to curl up with a good book in this colder weather. I just started “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” by Murakami and so far, I’m hooked. It’s not like anything I’ve read before…very imaginative. Let me know how you like your new reads.

    • murakami! i have not read that one from him but i’ve read a lot of other novels by him. he is probably one of my favourite authors. the translation into the english language, i’ve been told, is usually really well done for his work. enjoy!

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