shoes for the soul

i’ve worn both my fuchsia and red heels – once each – to work.

they make me feel taller – maybe more powerful. well, not that powerful. but probably more confident. it’s trivial – but with all the stress i’ve been experiencing, wearing them helps. all i need to do is look down at them and they make me just a little more happy. and a little more happy is better than not being happy at all.

i’ll take what i can get.

they’ve definitely been noticed. i’ve received tons of compliments. maybe that’s where the confidence is stemming from? well, yes and no. i think even if i haven’t had any compliments, they would still make me feel good.

today, i’m wearing the red patten-leather ones with a dark grey, pencil skirt and black fitted sweater. my legs are being showcased big time. i’d like to take a moment to thank yoga for defining my legs with all the long, standing strength poses. the kind that make my legs start to tremble and nearly collapse at the end.

the pain was all well worth it!


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