hobbes’ new nap place, pancake cookies and grade 3 homework

every week, i wash about 3 to 4 loads of laundry and fold everyone’s clothes/towels neatly… putting away mine and chaeli’s only. i would put doug’s away but he has a system.

it involves cramming his clean clothes in his overly filled drawers and closets do the fact that he needs to go through and throw away some clothes (the ones that have holes in them – especially his socks and underwear).

so for doug, i often just pile his clean laundry on our massage chair and then wait. and wait. sometimes, it will be close to a week before i cave and nag him to please put his clothes away.

one day, i came upstairs to find this:

dog napping

this is what happens when you don’t put your clothes away…

i quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a photo as proof  to doug. notice how hobbes has the top layer of what was neatly folded all scrunched up – he does this with blankets, too. whatever it takes to make his day-bed nice a poofy, i suppose.

while visiting with ada and hoa during our trip to vancouver, chaeli and ada baked some of ada’s famous chocolate chip cookies while doug and i went out for a mid-morning coffee break.

first of all, i just want to take a moment and say this is why i love my best friends. it’s not that she did this just to let doug and i take a break – but the fact that she got to spend some quality time with chaeli, her god-daughter, will always be one of those memories i will never forget!

anyway, chaeli wanted to re-invent that moment with doug and i – mainly because she was craving for some of those delicious cookies. i wasn’t exactly sure how ada made her batch but figured it wouldn’t be too hard to find a simple, basic recipe online. i found a couple and sent it to doug but he had already started making the dough.

i asked him if he mixed the baking soda in with 2 tablespoons of water. he said he didn’t. i asked him if he was sure that would be okay because the recipe i was going to used said it was better to do this but he assured me it would be fine. i let it go.

about 10 minutes later, we took the cookies out of the oven. they were flat like pancakes. and kind of runny.

chaeli immediately said, “that’s now how auntie ada dose it.”

doug then turned to me and said, “i think i forgot the baking soda all together.”

see what i’m married to? 🙂

recently, i was reading dooce’s post on grade 3 homework. this post resonates exactly how i feel this year since chaeli is also in grade 3. it’s not that i’m complaining about what they are learning or how it is taught. the curriculum is very well thought-out so far. as it’s always been these past two years. but what i’m struggling with is the fact that i’m now getting a glimpse of what it is like to not always be able to help chaeli with her homework and studies.

for example… this ‘new’ math. i get why they re-invented how to teach math. i mean, they didn’t re-invent math, of course. how could they. math is math. 1 + 1 will always be and has always been 2. the way they teach math makes the children really think and understand the results of their answers. but some of it involves some very abstract thinking that i either do not get myself or have difficulty teaching her. i leave it all up to the teachers, this year. the only thing i encourage her to do is to not be afraid about asking for help. and if i see a repetitive problem in her homework, i will bring it up with one of her teachers.


One thought on “hobbes’ new nap place, pancake cookies and grade 3 homework

  1. Which math program are they using? We’ve been using a program that was also too cerebral and vague and the kids and patents had a hard time. I finally gave up this year after 8 years. My intermediate team of 5 classes have started a new program that involves more of the basics. Liking it so far.

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