yoga me

it’s been a really hard couple of weeks for me. i’m actually taking a couple of sick days (well, at least today – i will play tomorrow by ear) due to a panic attack.

doug really wanted me to take the day off. too bad he had to work – it is our wedding anniversary today. but that’s ok – even if this week didn’t pan out as badly as it did, we would have had to postpone our anniversary celebration until next month.

i’m tired. physically, but even more so, emotionally. still, i’ve managed to do some mild yoga. i find the breathing really helps to calm me down. so i decided to post about some of my favourite yoga positions – they are the easier ones but they calm me the most.

read more from my post, yoga me.


3 thoughts on “yoga me

  1. Yoga is the best! I don’t know if you read my post a few weeks ago about bursting into tears at my yoga class. It has honestly been somewhat of a life changing experience. I try not to say too much about it to non-yoga buffs lest I sound like some kind of crazy evangelist. I really want to recommend it to everyone feeling stressed or anxious though.

    • yoga really does connect the body, mind and spirit. i’ve never been as intuned with my body as i am now with yoga. your post was quite powerful and emotional. but i will comment more on your site.

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