random confessions no. 4

it actually caught me off guard. but i happen to like bieber’s new hit, ‘as long as you love me’ to the point where i almost might buy the single. almost. which means i probably won’t unless chaeli begs me for it (which she hasn’t). reason being, i like the song – i don’t love it. it’s just the first one i can stand where i don’t feel a need to quickly change radio stations and can even sing along with it. plus, his hair is WAY better than the early bieber years. i may actually consider taking him off my list of celebrity faces i’m so sick of seeing – though let the record show, i’m still not affected by the bieber-fever.

reading the whole controversy over daddy-blogger and radio host, buzz bishop, where he admitted that his oldest son was his favourite at the moment (mainly due to buzz admitting it’s more a stage-thing… as in he loves all his children but isn’t as good with the baby years as his wife), makes me a little sick of all those judgmental quacks out there. all i can is this – if i had more then one kid, i’d probably, at one point in their lives, have favourites. i think people are taking the word ‘favourite’, at least in this context, to the extreme. but yeah – i’ll admit it. i’d probably feel closer to the one that gave me less trouble. life is not perfect. especially family relationships. people need to get over themselves.

i was listening to a radio show some time this summer about how the trend for engaged couples is for the woman to be in control of the engagement ring. the woman gets to pick the style, whether she wants gold or platinum and of course, the size, clarity and cut of the diamond. the tradition of the man being in charge of this is slowly fading away. which makes me a little sad – and yet somewhat relieved. i mean, had doug come home with a yellow gold setting, my first reaction would have been, “um… do you know me but at all?” so yes, i’m glad that it’s acceptable to give our hint of what we would like. at the same time, i’ve seen women get so caught up with the size, clarity and cut of the diamond – sometimes even having the ring sent back (sometimes more than once!) that’s the part that makes me sad. maybe i’m a little old fashioned. but the ring is just such a marketing scam – same with the actual wedding day. do people want a wedding? or a marriage? and while i’m not saying that they underestimate what is involved in a marriage, but can’t help but to think that some of them don’t realize how unimportant the monetary value of a ring or wedding is in a marriage. then again, you’re looking at a person who wanted to get eloped and wished she just went for the stainless steel bands she replaced her wedding band with now (after not wanting to pay the ridiculous cost of re-sizing her original wedding band) over the white gold ones we had bought just weeks before we said ‘i do’. what i’m wearing now only cost me $25 but i love it. and the engagement ring was not something i normally would envision myself wearing but it was white gold and that’s good enough for me. i love it because of what it stands for and am actually glad he did not spend too much money on my engagement ring. it was something my aunt bought a long time ago and kept it, just quietly waiting for the day i would get married. yup – i love that ring!


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