presqu’ile park 2012 – last camping trip

i have to admit, i was tempted to just give up on our last planned camping trip.

it was an enthusiastic plan up until we started the school year. and then i was reminded how tiring it can be – just the mad, autumn and back-to-school rush.

but i pushed myself to make that reservation, make those plans and pack our clothes – i just blindly went along with it knowing i would regret it if i didn’t just suck it up and do one more last camping trip.

the incentive was returning to presquile – our old friend, one that never disappointed me in the past.

presquile park - rocky beach

where i found a great spot for yoga

doug and chaeli are late-risers. i can be but chose to wake up early just to enjoy a longer and fuller day. the mornings are always my favourite with camping. plus, we got a great site just steps away from the lake. i found a spot on the long flat, rocky surface to do my a.m. yoga. obviously, i had to modify my moves as to stay off of my knees (a yoga mat is not protective from the bumpy, rocky surface) and balancing was a little hard due to the uneven ground, but i pulled off a beautiful and fantastic 45 minutes yoga session.

presquile marsh boardwalk

hiking right into the thick of the marsh

presquile marsh boardwalk

go for a walk on the boardwalk

one of my favourite features of presquile park is their unique marsh trail. they built an actual boardwalk that lets you get right into the thick of the marsh. it’s high enough as to avoid flooding on the path should the marsh water level ever rise during a year of high percipitation. but low enough for us to have the privilege to spot some frogs on the lily pads. this truly is a beautiful feature of the park – and i’ve yet to see something like this in other parks we’ve visited.

hobbes - cockapoo

handsome boy

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. it’s important to adopt a dog who has just the right colouring to match the environment of one’s favourite park campground. though, hobbes was not thrilled to be ‘stuck’ on a long boardwalk that seemed to just go on and on.

presquile lighthouse

skipping rocks by the lighthouse

there were at least a few other trails but with just a 2-night camping trip, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the lighthouse point. there are a lot of good skipping rocks available. plus, if you look closely, some of the rocks even have fossils (mostly of prehistoric plants, invertebrates and shells).

presquile lakeside

dipping little toes and feet in the water

all in all, it was a fantastic weekend. plus, we got to use our little old trailer one more time before the end of camping season.  looking forward to the camping trips for 2013!

view rest of our presquile camping trip 2012 photo album.

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