‘meet the teachers’ night

as mentioned in my last post, grade three has begun with full force. and while it has not been at a slow pace for chaeli (and us), i made sure this time i would not miss ‘greet the teachers’ night.

sadly, i had missed it the last two years – not because i wanted to but just extremely tired and burnt out. so while doug did have to work that night, i got my parents to take care of chaeli (and get her to do her homework) while i went solo that evening.

the whole process to meet and greet each of her teachers took about an hour. but it was well worth it.

spending most of my time with her core teachers, as well as her french teacher, i also met her music, phys. ed. and computer teachers. all very nice.

but let me point out… all very young. VERY. aside from her music teacher whom was probably around my age, everyone else was just so young.

i mean really, really, REALLY young! like, i wanted to just squint, cock my head to one side and say to them, “but you’re really young, you know that?” as i stare at them.

i didn’t do this, of course. i wanted to. but i was also very aware that if i did, they would all be comparing notes afterwards. did you meet chaeli’s mother? what the hell was that about? she was looking at me all weird!

and i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them being that young. from what i could gather, they were all extremely qualified and made me feel like my kid was going to have a great year. the head teacher comes a half an early every morning and stays a half an hour to an hour at the end of the day. and the main reason why she stays is because she wants that last hour of study hall to give her a chance to go around the classroom, having some one on one time with her students so that she can get a feel of how they are doing.


the co-teacher and french teacher were both equally sweet. in fact, the french teacher, this long, blond-hair beauty (doug missed out, man) said, “i don’t really like to use the word ‘tests’ – i find other ways to evaluate them.” ack! what a relief! because they get enough tests as it is.

anyway – point is. while they are all wonderful and i’m looking forward to this year because of them, the fact of the matter is, they are very, very young. and i am old (the true point of this whole ramble).

i was tempted to say, “hey… do you remember duran duran?” just so i could hear them reply, “huh? what’s that?”


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