grade 3 – it begins

well, it began last week but the homework part started mainly this week. last week, we did get an assignment – they are to collect five small objects from summer (small enough to all fit in a small, brown paper bag, which they decorated) and then write up a presentation in which they will present each object to their class (with emphasis on public speaking and content – i.e. where and when they got this object and something interesting about it).

simple enough, right?

only this week, i’ve learned about two different daily things she needs to do ON TOP of her daily homework. to add to her monday and wednesday english subject and her tuesday and thursday math subject (which, at the least, she gets most or all done at school), she’s been bringing home social studies homework (they are studying about some of the early settlers of canada), a reading log for her 20 minutes of reading a day, and, this one sort of kills me a bit, her daily writing assignment where she has to compose an essay (at this point, just paragraphs, rather then the usual intro, 2-3 content paragraphs and summary) which should fit mostly a page (double spaced) in the note book they give her. yes. an essay.

i’d like to take this moment to point out that they don’t call it an essay but when you read about the objectives they require to meet, it is to me, basically, an essay. when did i start writing essays? i’m sure i was much older.

oh – and 10 minutes recorder practice daily as well. i actually have not read the instructions from her music teacher. i’m just going by last year – but would not be surprised if the expectation is now 20 minutes a day.

i would say she is now looking at over an hour of homework a day.

the one i do love, however, is the daily reading log. the nice thing about this is that the students must read a book from their class library – one is either chosen by them or by the teacher every two weeks. and it’s not all that bad. while i have not seen all the books, the one chaeli chose was only 80 pages. she was done in 3 days. for the remainder of the two weeks she gets to pick an appropriate book for her grade level from home or from the library. the log doesn’t necessary require for us to keep the exact time – just to enter both the start page and end page for that day, then signed and dated by us. because chaeli can read to 45 minutes to an hour at a time if we let her, i am confident the teachers will understand why on busier days she will read 10 pages but other days as many as 50.

life, after all, has constant interruptions.

the daily reading is great. i’m a big fan of it. i’m also actually impressed with the short essay assignments (they are, at the least, on easy subjects that are all subjective and personal – sort of like teaching them on how to write a journey). i just wish it was not once a day. i love it but it’s time consuming. i wish the daily reading and writing assignments can alternate days.

anyway – all i could think of yesterday as we spent a good chunk of our evening on homework was, and so it begins…


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