post 9/11 11th anniversary

september 11th came and went quietly yesterday for me.

not that i forgotten about the significance of this day – the horror of what this day represents for north americans and especially those from the states.

i think i wanted it to be quiet because with each passing year, it does not seem to get any easier. the horror, the devastation and the tragedies to all those either directly or indirectly affected.

last year, i was amazed we were already marking it’s 10th anniversary.

ten years, i remember thinking. has it already been ten years?

and so one more year does not add any relief that it’s one year further away from the day we all probably wish could be forgotten. it seems like every year added to this date is just another reminder of the wounds and scars. but it never fades into the background like anything else you wish to move on from. it never seems to get easier.

i can’t even begin to imagine how people who had loved ones die tragically that day find the strength to move on. i really don’t. the deaths were so beyond natural. they were cruel.

i give a prayer to each and everyone of them.


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