we call him ‘wah’

his name is hoa which is pronounced ‘wah’. this is chaeli’s godfather. she use to call him ‘egg-o-wah’ not because she thought it was cute but because she was only a toddler and well, when we told her to address him as ‘uncle hoa’ she heard ‘egg-o-wah’.

and because it was  acceptable at the time to allow for her to continue mis-pronouncing certain things due to high level of cuteness, we sometimes joined in on the fun and call him ‘egg-o-wah’. this was when she also use to say ‘clock-o-bile’ for crocodile and ‘ish’ for ‘fish.’

a little trivia about hoa. he’s athletic. no… i mean, he’s really athletic. as in he can start any sport at the beginning of the year and wind up winning MPV for it. even if it’s a sport he’s never participated in before.

except swimming. due to the fact that he has close to 0% bodyfat, he tends to have to swim harder then the average person. or he just sinks.

when we arrived in vancouver, one of the first things chaeli saw were the multitude of medals hanging around. she asked to see each of them. all of them, except one, were from dragon boating. the one exception was one that looked nothing like a dragon boat medal, so i asked hoa, “what’s this one?”

“oh… that was from a golf tournament,” he replied.

“you entered a tournament?”

“well, i didn’t have anyone to play with when i came up here. so i had to join a league. i ended up winning.”

i later approached ada, hoa’s wife, and said, “yeah. i love how hoa just joins this league out of no where and then wins the whole friggin’ tournament.”

ada nodded, “i know – typical hoa.”

anyway, chaeli loves her uncle hoa. and while i’m very happy to have seen and done so much in vancouver, i’m the happiest knowing how much quality time she got to spend with her godparents.


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