vancouver 2012 – day 4

epicurean cafe vancouver

if we had more time, i would have gone back for more…

We started our fourth day off with a very hearty, home-style brunch at the Epicurean Cafe Bistro. Both Doug and I ordered their Earthy Breakfast:

Eggs poached in a simmering Amatriciana sauce, topped with grilled Turkey or Pork Italian Sausage, accompanied with spicy or mild Eggplants and roasted Potatoes. Toasted bread, butter and jam.

The sauce was a lovey italian sauce and it added just the right flavour to our poached eggs – which were perfectly done. We ended up returning here the next day for a mid-morning americano and their Sicilian Cannolo – once rated the best cannoli in Vancouver.

Ada generously prepared transit tickets for us. After our satisfying breakfast, we hopped on the bus and headed downtown.

downtown vancouver

view of the cityline from the waterfront, convention area

vancouver waterfront

chaeli jumping for an action shot

vancouver winter games flame

more impressive in person – even without the flames

Our first stop was the waterfront by the convention centre, mainly to see the olympic cauldron but it also gave us an opportunity to walk along the waterfront.

gastown vancouver

stopped by to see the statue of ‘gassy’ jack

black frog pub

chose this stop soley based on the name – that’s my beer

Ada gave me a mini-Lonely Planet book about Vancouver – during brunch and our bus ride, I quickly glanced through it to see what other areas we might like. With her suggestion as well, we decided to roam the streets of Gastown. With the brick streets and unique archictecture, it was definitely a very interesting area, indeed. While it is a part of their busy downtown area (we were visiting during a work day, as well), I felt as if we were secluded from the rest of the city. Plus, it gave us an excuse to stop at The Black Frog for a snack and more local, draft beer.

eat st japadog

anthony bourdain stopped by here!

Japadog Terimayo

their signature dog!

It was just after lunch when leaving Gastown – we set off to the absolute main reason of our downtown excursion – JAPADOG! Featured on Food Netword’s Eat St., this was just one of those things we had to try. While the Terimayo dog did not disappoint, I actually fell in love with their Butter and Shoyu fries! Chaeli ate most of it – if I had room in my then very full stomach, I would have ordered one just for me.

Yaletown Vancouver

streets of yaletown

roundhouse vancouver

historic site turned into a great community centre

One of the great things about not having a real plan are the interesting places you happen to stumble upon. This historic area used before as a roundhouse for steamed trains back in the days has now turned into a trendy community. The building above is now an incredible community centre which we had a chance to walk through. We witnessed a lot of families there dropping in different classes and programs. I was instantly envious of what was available to them just a bus stop or two away.

ktis beach vancouver

i have a serious obsession with driftwood

steel chairs at kits beach

i felt like i was reading private messages…

In the evening, while the rest went for a swim at an outdoor pool at the Kitsilano Beach, I decided to have some time of solitude while I strolled along the beach, taking pictures, and then ultimately, finding a spot to read. I found these stainless steel chairs – about a dozen or so – side by side, each with a different saying. You can see all of the ones I snapped a photo of here. Upon returning to Toronto, I did a google search to learn that this was an art exhibit called ‘Echo.

Now, we were suppose to have a beach picnic but the temperature dropped and I could even see Chaeli’s lips hued with a tint of blue. We decided quickly ot have the picnic indoors which ended up being fantastic. With the list of food we bought from the market the day before, we ate on the floor – hand grabbing here and there, filling in hungry tummies. With the bonus of red wine, which we probably wouldn’t have had had we dined out in a public area.

Rest of the photos from day 4.

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