vancouver 2012 – day 3

We used our third day in Vancouver as down time, as well as a chance to meet up with my cousin, her husband and my aunt & uncle for dinner (chinese food).

We wandered around Granville Island and had lunch at The Sandbar Doug and I indulged in market fresh oysters (both raw and deep fried) as well as that amazing Island Club sandwich. Chaeli enjoyed her clam chowder soup and fries – in fact, Chaeli was lucky to try 3 variations of clam/seafood chowder which is one of her favourite types of soup.

granville island kids area

chaeli playing ‘captain’ while we had americanos

After we got a text from Ada – she had to go to UBC for about an hour and then meet up with her brother, Warren. They met up with us just by the entrance of the kids’ market where we sat outside with italian sodas and more americanos for Doug and I at Pedro’s Organic Coffee House. It was tasty, for sure, but I can’t honestly rate the coffee houses we tried. They were all quite amazing! And yes, while there were also Starbucks on every other corner, we avoided it (until the morning we departed – it was the only available coffee retailer close to our gate). Warren and his girlfriend, both competing in Victoria that weekend in ultimate frisbee, came along with Ada which was a plus for me. I rarely get to see that kid! (and no, he’s not a kid anymore – but to me, he’ll always be a kid)

Granville Island Market

if only we lived this close to such an amazing market

After we said our good-byes to Warren and his girlfriend, the three of us made our way back to the market to pick up some fresh yummies for the next night – a planned beach picnic.

I wish I had more time to explore this place. I’m sure I would have discovered different types of cheese, pates and deli meats to try out. In the end, we did not do bad at all and purchased the following:

  • elk prosciutto
  • wild boar salami
  • bison salami
  • venison pate
  • blackburn cheese (one of my favourite types of hard cheese)
  • a sheep milk cheese from quebec
  • 4 loafs of fresh bread (cheese, rosemary, french and black olives)
  • 2 types of figs
  • black berries
  • blue berries
  • mangos
  • fresh bocconcini and vine tomatos for a caprese salad

now my challenge is to find a place here that carries a selection of pate and salami’s like Granville market.


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