vancouver 2012 – day 2

beluga whales

underwater viewing on this magnificent white creature

The only tourist trap (other than Granville Island) we wanted to visit was the Vancouver Aquarium. I was thoroughly impressed with the BC Coast exhibit and completely put into a trance while watching the beluga whales swim underwater. It was a bit crowded but that’s to be expected in the summer time, let alone a weekend day (it was a Sunday during our visit). Still, it was one of those things I wanted Chaeli to experience since she’s never been to an aquarium before.

playing with dolphins

chaeli playing with the dolphin

Chaeli had a very special moment with the dolphin while stopping by the underwater viewing area.  She used a killer whale stuffed toy to ‘play’ with the dolphin. It was one of those rare oppurtunities to witness and Chaeli drew quite a crowd during that 15 minutes of play time. Where ever she moved the stuffed toy, the dolphin was sure to follow. It went up for air but without skipping a beat, would head straight back down to Chaeli. A short video footage of this below:

She doesn’t quite realize it just yet but this will be one of those things she will look back and cherish something so rare of this moment.  View more still photos of this moment here.

stanley park  - lions gate

overlooking lions gate bridge while having a pint

After several hours at the aqurium, I asked Hoa if we could do a quick break for a snack and some local draft beer. We actually tried various types of BC and local beer – pretty much all on tap – during our visit. I’m not a big beer drinker but had one about once a day. The above photo was taken at Prospect Point Cafe. We were lucky to get a table with a view.

stanley park old tree trunk

chaeli’s and hoa’s mid-air pose

stanley park old tree trunk

chaeli and ada doing… something…

We stopped by this old hallow tree trunk and Chaeli insisted on posing with her godparents again. Hoa was first and suggested they get their photos taken while in a mid-air jump. When it was Ada’s turn, Chaeli told her what to do. I stood next to Hoa and I heard him laugh, “lol! Glad I didn’t have to do that!”

For dinner, we went to the Richmond night market and just strolled along from vendor to vendor – picking up food here and there. The nice thing with hanging out with Ada and Hoa – they were able to take us a bit off the beaten path and experience some of the sites and places not normally visited by tourists.

The rest of the our Vancouver Day 2 album can be found here.


4 thoughts on “vancouver 2012 – day 2

    • i have one more day (day 5) to go but my cold is weighing me down – very uncomfortable. looks like my last week of vacation is just being home and trying to recover before going back to work! but at least, i have the fond memories of vancouver to dream about as i sleep! 🙂

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