vancouver 2012 – day 1

we just came back from a fantastic trip to vancouver, BC, where we ate, checked out some cool sites and most importantly, got a chance to spend time with ada and hoa (best friends and chaeli’s god parents).

i’ll be blogging about each day separately…

granville island, vancouver

Granville Island – waterfront and aqua buses

Our first morning consisted of an organic breakfast on Granville Island at the Agro Bistro Cafe. Since we were staying with Ada and Hoa, we were fortunate to be in just 15 min. walking distance from Granville. It was also our first taste of what our west coast prides themselves for – coffee! Our first of many americano’s of this trip. I had asked Hoa, “So are there any coffee shops in walking distance from where you live?” His reply was, “You could throw a rock and pretty much hit a coffee shop here in Vancouver.” Oh… right. 🙂 The same goes with yummy sushi (our first stop after arriving the night before). Basically, “you roll out of bed and sushi is waiting for you.”

Granville Island

a hidden area under the bridge

Ada and Hoa took us on a tour of Granville Island so we could familiarize ourselves with this place. My favourite part is the area shown in the photo above – a little ‘nook’ under the Granville Street Bridge. The shopping continues here with a great restaurant over looking the waterfront called The Sandbar (where we indulged in their Island Club – shrimp & crab salad, bacon, guacamole).

granville island

posing with Auntie Ada

granville island

posing with uncle Hoa

Of course, our visit to Granville Island would not have been complete without some poses with Chaeli’s favourite god parents.

Triple D's Meat and Bread

featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives – Meat and Bread

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Meat and Bread

possilbly the best sandwich I’ve tasted – EVER!

Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has visited Vancouver a few times. One stop in our short visit was a definite hit and MUST-HAVE – Bread and Meat. Above is their specialty – the Porchetta. Which is basically juicy and tender pork roast, salsa verde and the crispiest fried pork skin (very much like the chinese style only better) at the top – all sandwiched in a loaf of fresh bread. I swear – one bite and I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Deep Cove

finding baby crabs at low tide

One of my most fondest childhood memories while visiting family in Vancouver was turning over rocks during low tide to find tiny little crabs scampering about. I wanted Chaeli to experience this and while at first, she was squeemish (opposite of what I was like as a young one – and even now as an adult), it didn’t take long for her to be totally immersed into this little marine world of tidal pools.

quarry rock

my one workout – an intense hike up to the look-out point

When I asked Ada if runners were okay for our upward trek since I didn’t pack my hikers, she said, “Oh yeah – it’s not that much of a hike.” I learned pretty soon that west coaster’s version of ‘easy hike’ is pretty much a Torontorian’s ‘hike from hell’. Okay – not really from hell. But this would be 2nd to MY version of a tough hike (the first being up a little moutain in Koh Sumoi, Thailand where the path was narrower than my size 7 foot). I had to stop about 15 minutes into it and confirm if everyone else was sweating. Turns out I was not alone. And the trick was that ‘intense’ hike for west coast involves more technical skills. This hike was ‘easy’ as no ‘skill’ was required. But it was very long, very much uphill and yes, my legs were feeling it at the end. 43 minutes up a part of Baden Powell Trail to see the above photo view on Quarry Rock – 37 minutes to come down. And why did it not take much shorter time to head down? Because ‘down’ still had it’s upward moments since the trail was just that – up AND down.

We rewarded ourselves with some deep fried honey doughnuts (not a doughnut – more like crunchy outside with a soft, gooey middle that oozes goodness… and I usually do not like doughnuts) and then a korean-japanese fusion bbq restaurant where you cook your own food in the middle of the table, grill. No photos of the restaurant – I was too tired from that ‘easy hike’.

More photos from Day 1 of our Vancouver 2012 Vacation.


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