daddy’s little girl

at 7pm, weeknights, the 80’s syndicated re-run of full house has captured our daughter’s attention for almost a year now.

yes… the lives of the tanners and when mary-kate and ashley olsen were famously only known as cute little michelle comes alive on our tv screen and there’s chaeli – totally in a trance only interrupted with fits of laughter for that half an hour at the beginning of our evenings.

personally, i find the show annoying. but… what else can we put on (other then cartoons) at that time of the night which is age-appropriate without having chaeli ask us to explain the humour every time an adult joke is made (99% around the subject of a sexual nature)?

last night’s episode centred around the three men (father, uncle and best friend) coming to terms (poorly) over the fact that the oldest daughter, DJ (age 15) was starting to date. they hesitantly let her go only to find out later through DJ’s friend, the annoying kimmy, that the date was in a band’s van, at a drive-in, with a very popular boy who rarely hears the word no.

in a panic, they search for the van at the drive-thru and end up embarrassing DJ, who actually was keeping her head straight by telling the boy she was not comfortable spending the rest of the evening at the back of the van with him.

the men all get a lecture about trust – which they apologizes to her for – but then DJ got a lecture from her father as well…

the rule was, “while you’re still living under my roof, you need to tell me exactly who you’re going out with and exactly where you guys are going.” the main point was that she never mentioned that ‘going to the movies’ was at a drive-in and with a boy with that particular type of reputation.

no sooner then when the father finished his sentence, doug turned to chaeli and pointed at the tv with an expression that basically said, “see? exactly!”

chaeli looked at doug, then me, and then back to doug. and asked, “what? i don’t get it. why are you looking at me? what did i do?”

all i could do was burst into laughter. i looked at my husband and said, “oh please. it will be awhile before we need to have this talk with her.”

i suppose out of all the things that i worry about, this is one area where doug is very, very worried. i often find him talking to chaeli about how it’s important when she grows up to be a big kid, that him and i get to know her friends. and know exactly where they are and exactly what they are doing.

poor chaeli. i envision her first date – there’s doug and the rest of his team, in a firetruck, waiting at the parking lot of a movie theatre where she is hoping for a successful, pleasant evening with the boy she is crushing after.

the boys won’t stand a chance with doug.


One thought on “daddy’s little girl

  1. Ha ha, my kids love this too – even the 13yo! She is currently home sick and rewatching old episodes of Charles in Charge. Also love the Brady Bunch, the Nanny, Get Smart, Fawlty Towers and the Vicar of Dibley. The funniest was when the kids came home after spending three week at mother in law’s house. They had discovered this great show called Keeping Up Appearances which they happily watched with their nana each evening.

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