more than halfway…

it’s amazing that summer is already passed the halfway mark. back to school ads and promotions are starting to hit the stores and my inbox. and yet, i feel like we only just started school break last week! sad. very, very sad.

summers like this – you have to make every bit count.

last saturday, we went to tko and B’s place for a delicious rib bbq – both pork and korean short ribs. we brought a spread of cheese and pate. di brought a smores pie. SMORES! PIE! the combination was deadly.

i’m very happy to have the chance to see my friends this summer – i was afraid our weekends were booked solid with our own things plus my family (plus doug’s family since chaeli was there for over a week). but i think in the end you find a way to make time for your friends because as important as doug and chaeli are to me – and the quality time we spend as a family  unit – the summer would not be complete with out a couple of get-togethers with good friends.

this past weekend was an easy weekend. doug worked saturday so chaeli and i went for brunch and some a.m. shopping. the rest of the day was devoted to the olympics (and laundry – never can i escape doing laundry on the weekend).

sunday, after doug came home from his shift, we went to the zoo. chaeli and were already there last sunday morning (while doug was working then as well). we definitely are not wasting our annual membership. anyway, she really wanted to see the sting rays and sharks (a special exhibit that’s only hear during the warmer months – and extra $2.50 per person but quite worth it if you’re adventurous enough to pet the species in the very large, shallow pool). i wanted, however, to wait for doug so we could all experience it together which is why we went back this sunday.

sting ray by at the toronto zoo

no worries – nurse sharks are the friendly type

$2 more bought me a three pieces of raw seafood to feed the rays. tip: keep fingers flat with the food sticking out between two fingers. i knew this but didn’t get the food in place in time. in other words, a couple of my fingers were sort of sticking up when one of the rays swam by. in went my finger – just sucked in like a vacuum!

it didn’t hurt, though. thank goodness they are toothless but the feeling was quite weird and took me by surprise.


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